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Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences


Fachbereich Medien
Faculty of Media

Labor für Virtuelles Studio / Virtuelle Realität

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Abstract: A Sound Spatialization Server for a Speaker Array as an Integrated Part of a Virtual Environment

Kimitaka Ishikawa, Minefumi Hirose, and Jens Herder. A Sound Spatialization Server for a Speaker Array as an Integrated Part of a Virtual Environment, IEEE YUFORIC Germany 98, Stuttgart, June 1998.

Spatial sound plays an important role in virtual reality environments, allowing orientation in space, giving a feeling of space, focusing the user on events in the scene, and substituting missing feedback cues (e.g., force feedback). The sound spatialization framework of the University of Aizu, which supports number of spatialization backends, has been extended to include a sound spatialization server for a multichannel loudspeaker array (Pioneer Sound Field Control System). Our goal is that the spatialization server allows easy integration into virtual environments. Modeling of distance cues, which are essential for full immersion, is discussed. Furthermore, the integration of this prototype into different applications allowed us to reveal the advantages and problems of spatial sound for virtual reality environments.


sound spatialization server, distance cue, psychoacoustic, loudspeaker array




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