Abstract: Development of Virtual Environments with Focus on Sound Spatialization

Jens Herder. Development of Virtual Environments with Focus on Sound Spatialization, MMC Video on Demand System, The University of Aizu Multimedia Center, July, 2000.

The responsibility of a virtual environment is to present objects, but a practical system has only limited resources, including spatialization channels (mixels). A resource manager, part of the Sound Spatialization Framework, controls sound resources and optimizes fidelity (presence) under given conditions, using a priority scheme based on psychoacoustics. Application programmers and VR scene designers are freed from the burden of assigning mixels and predicting sound source locations. The Sound Spatialization Framework is demonstrated using the Chatspace, an networked application which allows people to meet in Cyberspace and communicate through spatial audio.


Sound Spatialization, Resource Management

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