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Cooperative Tools for Teaching:
an Impact of a Network Environment

Jens Herder
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Education at the University of Aizu is focussed upon computer science. Besides being the subject matter of many courses, however, the computer also plays a vital role in the educational process itself, both in the distribution of instructional media, and in providing students with valuable practical experience. All students have unlimited access (24-hours-a-day) to individual networked workstations, most of which are multimedia-capable (even video capture is possible in two exercise rooms). Without software and content tailored for computer-aided instruction, the hardware becomes an expensive decoration. In any case, there is a need to better educate the instructors and students in the use of the equipment. In the interest of facilitating effective, collaborative use of network-based computers in teaching, this article explores the impact that a network environment can have on such activities. First, as a general overview, and to examine the motivation for the use of a network environment in teaching, this article reviews a range of different styles of collaboration. Then the article shows what kind of tools are available for use, within the context of what has come to be called Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW).


CAI, CAT, computer education, collaborative work, CSCW, groupware

Jens Herder
Tue Oct 21 12:31:47 JST 1997