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Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences


Fachbereich Medien
Faculty of Media

Labor für Virtuelles Studio / Virtuelle Realität

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Abstract: Large-Area Moderator Tracking and Demonstrational Configuration of Position Based Interactions for Virtual Studios

Dionysios Marinos, Chris Geiger, and Jens Herder. Large-Area Moderator Tracking and Demonstrational Configuration of Position Based Interactions for Virtual Studios, 10th European Interactive TV Conference, Berlin, July, 2012.

In this paper we introduce a system for tracking persons walking or standing on a large planar surface and for using the acquired data to easily configure position based interactions for virtual studio productions. The tracking component of the system, radarTRACK, is based on a laser scanner device capable of delivering interaction points on a large configurable plane. By using the device on the floor it is possible to use the delivered data to detect feet positions and derive the position and orientation of one or more users in real time. The second component of the system, named OscCalibrator, allows for the easy creation of multidimensional linear mappings between input and output parameters and the routing of OSC messages within a single modular design environment. We demonstrate the use of our system to flexibly create position-based interactions in a virtual studio environment.


Body Tracking, Virtual Studio Interaction, OSC Mapping

Video: Tracking mp4 21.1 MB >>, Interactive Table mp4 19.4 MB >>

Software: OscCalibrator >>




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