Advanced Media Technology:
Demonstrations of Art and Science from Duesseldorf
Period: 3rd Sep. 2005 - 9th Sep. 2005
The opening ceremony including lectures will be held on 3rd Sep. 2005, 14:00.
From 4th til 9th Sep. 2005 you can visit the exhibition from 10:00 to 17:00, daily.


University-Business Innovation Center (UBIC)
University of Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan
Languages: Japanese / English
The exhibition/demonstration will be organized in conjunction with HC'2005 8th International Conference on Humans and Computers.
8th International Conference on Humans and Computers 2005
31st Aug. bis 3rd Sep. 2005
The HC´2005 is a forum which addresses all aspects of research related to human and computer. It will be held at the University of Aizu and the University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, featuring for the fourth time a Network Conference connection to enable participants in Aizu-Wakamatsu and at the Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences, Germany, to join the conference.
Multi-Screen-Installation: Duesseldorf
The multi-screen installation Duesseldorf has utilized high technology to present life in the city, which is the state capital of Northrhine-Westphalia:
Using the latest 3D technologies, virtual sets, animations and video projections (along with specially composed audio tracks, some in surround sound), information about Duesseldorf and events in the field of science is being presented in a variety of ways and media formats in a multi-screen installation running several large screens alongside each other and / or making use of single screens at the same time. >> more

CONTROL-NET: Build a Car – Live on Web

Complete website for task 1 in the learning mode
  The PLC Remote Lab ( makes available an authentic assembly station as learning environment in the internet, at which users can work practice-oriented and action-based. The users develop individual IEC 61131 programs for pre-determined tasks and control the assembly of a model car by remote data access and video cameras. By this, programming and automation knowledge are studied and more deepened. An user requires only a PC with internet connection to work with the station. >> more

Virtual Environment of the People Cargo Mover – An Innovative Transport System

The "People-Cargo-Mover" (PCM) is a high speed train, which runs on a stretch built on the centre strip of motorways. The PCM runs at the side, enabling traffic in both directions. The PCM is applicable for public transport in local and long-distance traffic as well as for cargo. Visualization, combined with techniques of virtual reality, produces an interactive presentation at high level. >> more
The Art and the Science of Audio:
Wave Field Synthesis as a Next Generation Technology for Audio Applications
Today´s "surround sound" techniques suffer from the big disadvantage that the listener must sit in a "sweet spot" to enjoy the full atmosphere of a movie or piece of music. A new loudspeaker system consisting of a larger number of channels frees the user from this restriction. The great advantage of Acoustic Wave Field Synthesis is the much more realistic spatial imaging compared to all audio systems currently in use. >> more
Principle of rendering virtual sound sources with Acoustic Wave Field Synthesis
Hoichi´s Dreaming - A Composition for MultispeakerSystems
The sound composition "Hoichi´s dreaming" draws upon a number of essentials of the ghost-story of "Minashi Hoichi". It was written by a European, Lafcadio Hearn.The content of the story is told in a most abstract fashion. Music, background noises, and atmospheric impressions are meant to form images in the listeners' own minds.
They will, on the one hand, listen to the scenes from the objective point of view - on the other hand they should experience them as seen by Hoichi. >> more
8 channel Surround-Composition and -production combined with Videoproduction "Hoichi´s Dreaming"

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