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Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences


Fachbereich Medien
Faculty of Media

Labor für Virtuelles Studio / Virtuelle Realität

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Abstract: Integration of volumetric capture into virtual studio environments [DE]

Dennis Luca Amuser, Integration of volumetric capture into virtual studio environments, Hochschule Düsseldorf, Bachelor thesis, 10.07.2023.

Volumetric content is becoming more accessible due to the proliferation of VR and AR- enabled devices. Often, the emphasis on photorealism is foregone due to the associated complexity. To authentically and realistically represent people or places from the real world in a virtual setting, a high level of fidelity is required in the form, texture, and animations of a digital model. Without automated volumetric capture processes, generating such content becomes impractical, particularly for dynamic subjects like humans. In the context of this bachelor’s thesis, a system is being integrated into the Virtual Studio of the Düsseldorf University, where a volumetric model of a person is created in real-time using three Azure Kinect depth cameras located outside the studio. This model is then implemented into a live production within the Virtual Studio, enabling, among other things, the volumetrically captured person to engage in natural conversations with others in the virtual environment while maintaining virtual eye contact. This creates the impression of virtual teleportation. The research questions aim to address how volumetric captures can be integrated into virtual studio productions under real-time conditions, the technical and visual requirements necessary for such volumetric captures, and how they can be utilized in professional TV productions.


Virtual Studio, Volumetric Capture, Volumetric Video, Image Synthesis, Virtual Teleportation, Free-Viewpoint Video, Digital Reconstruction, Photorealism, Virtual Interaction, Remote Rendering, Remote Production, TV Production, Virtual Production


Prof. Jens Herder, Dr. Eng./Univ. of Tsukuba
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sina Mostafawy


The research took place at the Virtual Sets and Virtual Environments Laboratory.




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Integration of volumetric capture into virtual studio environments 1080p09:11 Min512 MB >> 


Tools und Credits

Viz Artist 5, Viz Arc, NDI and Tracking Hub Software von Vizrt

Unity - Unity Technologies

Camera tracking system - Egripment/Trackmen

Virtal Studio at the Hochschule Düsseldorf - University of Applied Sciences





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