Abstract: Challenges of Virtual Sets: From Broadcasting to Interactive Media

Jens Herder. Challenges of Virtual Sets: From Broadcasting to Interactive Media, Seventh International Workshop on Human Interface Technology, University of Aizu, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan, November, pp. 13-17, 2000.

Virtual sets have evolved from computer-generated, prerendered 2D backgrounds to realtime, responsive 3D computer graphics and are nowadays standard repertoire of broadcasting divisions. The graphics, which are combined with real video feed becoming more sophisticated, real looking and more responsive. We will look at the recent developments and suggest further developments like integration of spatial audio into the studio production and generating interactive media streams. Educational institutes recognize the demands of the rising media industry and established new courses on media technology like the Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences.


Virtual Sets, Virtual Studio, Sound Spatialization, Interactive Media, Education

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